Finding Time for Yourself—Don’t forget about you, Mom!

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Today we have a guest post from Katherine at The Pampered Baby

As Moms we forget what the word bored means (Does anyone have a dictionary handy?). There’s always, always, something that needs to be done, someone who needs your attention, or precious sleep that needs to be caught up on. ‘You’ time is that moment when your face hits that pillow and the blink of eye it takes for your R&R to be over. Before you know it, it’s a new day and time to start all over again!

A dear friend of mine gave me sage advice years before I began to plan my family and I have carried it with me ever since: Never forget who you were before you became a wife and mother. Remember that lady that recognized her reflection when she looked in the mirror? Took an hour to do her makeup, hair, and brush her teeth-because she could, not because she had a child clinging to her? Remember her?

Let’s get you reacquainted. It can be hard to block out time in the day for anything, especially when all you can think about is that endless to- do list. I’m here to tell you the best thing you can do for your family, your home- and yes, you too- is  to make a few minutes for yourself. The funny thing will be how much you will enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures you used to take for granted before the kids came along.

Do your nails

Paint them. Don’t paint them. Just take the time and give your hard working hands some TLC. Better yet, get a manicure and spin it into a night out with a girlfriend. It’s amazing how some well- manicured digits can brighten your spirits the next time you’re changing a diaper or scrubbing a crayon mural off your wall.

Have a glass of wine

Or beer. Or something stronger. I’m not judging, and no- one should (heck, if  a Mom doesn’t deserve a drink at the end of the day, show me someone who does!). If anyone deserves a grown- up bevvy, it’s you Mama! If alcohol isn’t a preference, whip up some delicious mocktails. Just sit down. Stop. And enjoy doing nothing else but savoring the drink in your hand.

Read a book

Get lost. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Pick up a book- one that isn’t a textbook or anything else homework related or of the manual variety- and forget about the laundry, the cleaning, the job… Go on a mental vacation and let your brain turn off. You will come away feeling calmer, more relaxed, and ready to jump back into the craziness that you took a precious, well- deserved break from.

 Have I convinced you yet? Reminded you about the lady you’ve been forgetting? One last little piece of wisdom before I go, yet another from a friend who I respect and turn to: you will be a better Mom, a better wife, a better you if you make time for yourself. If you take a break every now and then, recharge those batteries, you’ll be able to focus better on all that you have to do. I hope you enjoy some you time real soon.

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Katherine Petrunia is a wife & Mom living in Vancouver, BC. She is currently trying to find a balance between family, her hubby, and career as a work- at- home- Mom. You can find her writing away and sharing her experiences on her blog, The Pampered Baby. Featuring recipes, DIY projects, giveaways, and articles, The Pampered Baby  focuses on Moms and families and all the adventures that go with the territory. Find TPB on FacebookTwiiter, and Instagram


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