Melissa's Story: BPA and Fertility

Posted on August 19, 2014 by Melissa Winn | 1 Comment

A big part of the Little Green Pouch story is that materials matter—for our health and the environment. In our reusable food pouches, you will find no BPA (bisphenol A), no phthalates, no lead, no PVC (polyvinyl chloride). That's not marketing talk; it's a big deal and it's personal!

My fertility struggle

In 2010, after three years struggling with infertility and the emotional and physical ups and downs of fertility treatments, my husband and I conceived our daughter, Bailey, only after kicking BPA out of our kitchen (at the advice of our doctor, I might add).

What it meant for Little Green Pouch

When Maggie and I developed the first reusable food pouch, we were super careful to choose materials safe for our babies and toddlers.

And now we're so excited that the Really Little Green Pouch has arrived, because my second daughter, Parker, is just a few months into eating solid foods, and the smaller pouch size is perfect for mini meals of homemade baby food.

Parker, daughter of Little Green Pouch co-founder Melissa Winn, enjoys a snack from a Really Little Green Pouch

As a parent, it feels so good to know we're feeding her the healthiest homemade goodness we can whip up, and serving it up in an eco-friendly, reusable food pouch made of safe materials—that Parker just happens to love! (Can you tell I’m excited about the Really Little Green Pouch? :>)

So back to BPA...

I really, really hope you’ll take a few minutes to read our blog post, What You Need To Know About BPA., to learn the BPA basics and easy things you can do to reduce your family’s exposure to it.
I am convinced it was affecting my fertility, and there’s no telling what other effects it was having on my health and my husband’s health. Hormone disruptors are no joke.

And there’s evidence suggesting that low doses of endocrine disruptors may actually be more disruptive than high doses. I know it sounds a little crazy, because you’d think “if poison is bad, then more poison is worse,” but some research has indicated that at higher levels the body may treat endocrine disruptors as toxins (to be flushed out of the body), whereas at lower doses it may treat them as hormones (that change how the body works).

The good news is that once you stop ingesting BPA, it clears from your system within a few days.

Please take action today

Reduce your exposure to BPA: ditch the plastic water bottles, don’t microwave in plastic EVER, avoid buying products with BPA in them. Materials matter.

Here’s my special 1–2 request, for your health and my peace of mind:

  1. Please take 5 minutes and read What You Need To Know About BPA.
  2. Then, get your family involved in kicking BPA out of your kitchen too.

I wish you and your family the best of health! 



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Courtney Guerrieri
Courtney Guerrieri

August 19, 2014

Please be careful though…They are finding that these new plastics we replaced BPA filled plastics with are just as bad as BPA! I’m hoping that the L.G.P. doesn’t have anything dangerous in them as well, since I just love the concept of these!

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