7 Ways to Make Mornings More Manageable

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Do your mornings leave you stressed out and exhausted before the day even starts? Make mornings more manageable and relaxing with these 7 strategies.

Prep the Night Before

Set yourself up for success by spending a little time at night prepping for your morning. While you're cleaning up dinner, make a batch of smoothies or overnight oats to store in your Little Green Pouches. Or start a batch of slow cooker oatmeal to enjoy in the morning. Bam! Breakfast is done. 

Get backpacks and briefcases packed and set them by the front door. Or, be a real overachiever and put them in the car. 

Get Up 30 Minutes Earlier

Don't fool yourself into thinking you can do an hour's worth of stuff in 30 minutes. By getting up 30 minutes earlier, you will be able to start your day calm and relaxed. Hey, you may even get to enjoy a full, hot cup of coffee. That alone is worth missing out on a few minutes of zzzzs.

Eat Breakfast

If you are short on time, breakfast should not be the morning habit to skip. Have healthy grab-and-go foods on hand by prepping the night before (see above). Smoothies, overnight oats, and hardboiled eggs can all be made ahead of time and grabbed out the door. Bonus: our new 14 ounce pouches fit in a cupholder, so you can enjoy your breakfast from the comfort of your car :). 

Don't Check Your Email

You read that right. Resist the urge to check Facebook, Instagram and your email. It is a slippery slope that leads to lots of wasted time. Before you know it, you've watched one too many cat videos, and you're frantically running around to get out the door. 

Get the Blood Flowing

Whether it's a full workout, or just a few minutes of stretching and jumping jacks, starting your day with some sort of activity will leave you energized and ready to tackle what the day has. Plus, it will put you in a better mood so you are better equipped to handle it when things don't go perfectly.

Roll With the Punches

Accept that no matter what, things are going to come up. Someone will forget they needed to bring cupcakes for the school bake sale, you'll spill coffee on your clothes, or you'll forget your cell phone charger at home. Know that you get to try again tomorrow, and not every morning is going to be perfectly calm. 

Have Something to Look Forward To

Love your morning coffee or yoga routine? Maybe you want to spend a few minutes reading before everyone else wakes up. Schedule something you love in the morning, and getting out of bed will feel like less of a struggle.  

Bonus: Have kids? Set a timer to keep kids on track in the morning. You can purchase a big analog clock, and put a post-it at different times when they should finish certain tasks and move on the next. Sick of breakfast taking 45 minutes instead of 20? Give them ownership of when they should be done with breakfast, teeth brushing, dressing, etc. It will save you the agony of fighting with them and begging them to get dressed. 

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