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Posted on June 22, 2012 by Melissa Winn | 0 Comments

I just read this very interesting and timely article from The New York Times, Putting the Squeeze on a Family Ritual, by MATT RICHTEL. Ritchel does an excellent job describing the recent popularity of food pouches and their benefits. At one point Ritchel even calls food pouches “irresistible.” He quotes the owner of Plum Organics as pointing out that pouches allow parents to give “on-the-go nourishment” and “be as flexible as modern life demands.”

Another interesting point that Ritchel highlighted was how pouches allow children to be more independent, giving “the child a little bit of control and confidence.”  And I'm not sure about you, but I feel like the sooner we can instill those two traits (independence and confidence) in our kids the better!

Richtel also brings up some valid concerns about the nature of today's society, namely how busy and overbooked our lives really are. He poses the question, “if my two children don't sit at the table [to eat], how will they ever learn manners?” I have to admit I laughed out loud at his next thought, “will they be cast out of polite society, like pirates or hoofed animals?” Though I'm sure this was a joke, I can see his point. I always envisioned nightly dinners of the type you’d seen on sitcoms on Nick at Nite (does that even exist anymore?). But as Ritchel points out, the reality of the world we live in means that “its just necessary to live life on the go.” And he concludes with “I wonder if this is a good thing...”

To that question, I have to say that I agree with Sangita Forth's (the VP of brand marketing at Plum Organics) sentiment, “as a mom, I know that at least I'm giving [my kids] a healthy alternative.”  I feel even more strongly about that with our reusable food pouch.  I love knowing exactly what I'm feeding my kids. I can make my own mixture of vitamin-rich fresh fruits and veggies, or use the yogurt or applesauce I bought from the store that isn't jam-packed with sugar and preservatives.

I smiled when I read the part of the article where a father described his family’s dinner-table ritual. Each member of the family would “answers four questions” about their day, the things they are thankful for and what they were looking forward to. I'd love to start doing this with my kids. But on the crazy nights when that isn't possible, and the many other times of the day when just a snack is needed, I think the Little Green Pouch is my answer. 

What's yours?

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