Eating an Apple with Only Two Teeth

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Liz Grimm's’s clan (i.e. the Chabots - she kept her maiden name just like me!), recent residents of Copperas Cove, Texas, are a big fruit and veggie family.  One year-old Acadia (aka “Cadi”) apparently inherited her mom’s independence, and “LOVES” feeding herself.  According to Liz, this photo is a perfect representation of why The Chabots need our reusable food pouch. 

Cadi loves apples, and LOVES applesauce, but doesn't like being fed applesauce anymore. And, well, eating an apple with only two teeth isn’t all that easy.  (Eating an apple with two teeth before the dog or her siblings inevitably trick her in to feeding it to them is nearly impossible.) 

Liz says that her family happened upon those wonderful (disposable) food pouches at the grocery store, and the next thing they knew, they were buying them by the case two or three times a month!  Liz began to realize that both money and trash were piling up.  She noted that she used to make and store Cadi’s purees when she would eat them off a spoon, and asked herself, “why not use a reusable pouch? Save time, money, and the environment (funny how an “inner hippy” has arisen since having my daughter . . .).”

But finding a suitable alternative was a challenge for Liz.  To her, “most reusable [feeders] seem[ed] more like bendy sippy cups than reusable pouches (an entirely unappealing compromise to Cadi) . . . .”  But then Liz stumbled across our Little Green Pouch, and “can’t WAIT to try it out!” She’s pleaded, “please please please, let us know when we can get our hands on one!”

Liz, we can’t wait to get one in your hands either.  The time is nigh.  We should have a four pack coming to you in the next several weeks.  And a free one at that, in appreciation of all of your wonderful and innovative recipes. They are so awesome that we'll be tagging them all with Liz so you can easily find them!

Liz, and all you other Little Green Pouchers out there, we so, so appreciate your patience. Hang in there with us!

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