Stop Throwing Nutrients in the Garbage—Make Bone Broth Instead

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Certified clinical nutritionist and herbalist Christa Lund is back to share the ins and outs of a Paleo staple - bone broth. Who knew there were so many benefits to what we often consider scraps and trash? 

Bone broth- the mineral rich gelatinous substance made from slow cooking the bones of an animal is loaded with life supporting goodness. Once a staple in traditional cooking, bones have become nothing more than a heap of stinky trash in many modern day kitchens. But it’s time that we reverse this madness and stop throwing such versatile, delicious and affordable nutrients in the garbage.


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Chicken Soup for the Food Pouch

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This week, certified clinical nutritionist and herbalist Christa Lund shares her insights on what makes “a good meal” for growing kids and why it’s so important to start kids on Real Food for lifelong health. Her no-noodle chicken soup recipe made with bone broth is perfect for Paleo food pouches--and for the Real Food Lover’s soul!


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Raising (and feeding) Primal Kids

Posted on April 09, 2014 by Amanda Holliday | 1 Comment

Today we have a wonderful and insightful guest post from Heather of Multiply Delicious. We asked Heather to share her Paleo/Primal lifestyle journey and how it works for her entire family, including her adorable twin daughters. 


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Paleo Recipes for Reusable Food Pouches

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Let’s get this Paleo started!

As you know, we’re building on our 100 Days of Real Food with a new Little Green Pouch series on Paleo recipes and resources.

First off, we’re excited to have launched our Paleo Food Pouch Recipes hub here on the Little Green Pouch website, and we’ve also tagged and badged all of our Paleo Food Pouch Recipes. So when you see this badge, you know it’s Paleo:


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Cooking Up Paleo at Little Green Pouch

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Amanda Holliday | 1 Comment

At Little Green Pouch, we’re big fans of Real Food, and we’ve made it our mission to keep bringing you the best Real Food Pouch Recipes we can find, so you can fill your reusable food pouches with a delicious, fun variety of healthy foods.

During our 100 Days of Real Food challenge we featured Real Foodies, health benefits, recipes, and some great Facebook giveaways (we love to share the Little Green love!). As we head into Spring, we’re excited to keep our Real Food theme rolling, but with a Paleo twist.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring tasty Paleo Pouch Recipes from special guests, plus great info and resources from Paleo parents, nutritionists, health coaches and others in the Paleo Know.

New to Paleo? Here are the basics...

A Paleo diet is a Real Food diet that’s free of grains, refined sugars, legumes, dairy, potatoes, added salt, and refined oils--otherwise known as staples of the Standard American Diet. Here are a couple of handy Paleo-friendly food lists:

Aglaée the Paleo Dietician’s printable 1-page Paleo food list

A no-frills in-depth Paleo Food list from Desert Crossfit

And if you’re looking for incredibly well-researched info on the why’s and how’s of Paleo, The Paleo Mom’s blog is the place to go.

Now, you’re probably already onboard with Real Food. After all, you’re already whipping up your own healthy foods to put in your Little Green Pouches. But let’s say you have this friend, who starts the day Fruity Loopy and ends the day Pastry Puffed; for them, starting a Real Food or Paleo diet can be a big change. And they might ask, “What’s left to eat?”

We have good news for you. 1 Million Delicious Things.

To borrow a few from The Pouch, Spiced Up Yams & Broccoli, Avocado Smoothie, Sweet Peppers, Chicken & Basil, and Apple Parsnip Puree. (Have we confessed to you our love of parsnips?)

So if you’ve been wondering about Paleo but haven’t yet take in the plunge, now’s your chance to try it out. And if you’re already Paleo, stay tuned for a bunch of great new Paleo Pouch Recipes, give-aways, guest blog posts, and resources.

You’re going to love this food!

Maggie & Melissa

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