Josie eating Appled-Yams

Posted on June 23, 2012 by Melissa Winn | 0 Comments

One of our beta-testers (Nicole of Oakland, CA) sent us this adorable action shot of her daughter Josie eating Appled-Yams (check out her yummy recipe here) from her Little Green Pouch. She describes her challenge here:  

"My daughter is now almost two. Back when she was first starting solid foods, she was much more adventurous with her fruit and veggie intake. Apples, pears, carrots, peas- she ate it all. Now, she knows how to say no, and, sadly, how much better ice cream tastes than broccoli. These days it takes a bit more creativity to sneak in the good stuff but she'll eat just about anything from the pouch :)"

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We Just Had To Make An Exception For This One

Posted on June 15, 2012 by Melissa Winn | 0 Comments

Several weeks ago, we determined that our group of beta testers was definitively closed.  But then we received this message from a mom interested in our reusable baby food pouch:

I need a Little Green Pouch for this new chocolate pudding recipe I found on the Whole Foods website.

This is what my 20 month old looks like without it:


How could we possibly say no? So we made an exception, and opened up the group of beta testers to include one more.  We hope that our reusable food pouch does the trick for this little one. We have our “before” picture, and are eagerly awaiting the “after”!

Thanks to Melissa Blount of Mount Dora, FL for sharing these hilarious photos.

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Applesauce Squishers

Posted on June 10, 2012 by Maggie Crawford | 0 Comments

I am able to buy organic applesauce in bulk. 

These almost 3 lb jars used to sit in my fridge so long after opening that I usually ended up having to throw them out - and after having barely made a dent.  

Now that I have been using my Little Green Pouch, I don’t have that problem anymore. My boys love to have these applesauce “squishers” as a snack. I find it’s a perfect healthy treat to have anywhere: at the park, in the car and even in the sandbox. 

Finnegan may be covered in sand, but not in food!

And thank goodness the reusable pouch is dishwasher safe :)



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Bailey ate what?!

Posted on June 08, 2012 by Melissa Winn | 0 Comments

Bailey loves fruit. Since the first day we started offering her pureed foods she's happily consumed fruits. Veggies on the other hand, not so much. Especially the green ones. She's pretty good with carrots and butternut squash but you should see the faces she makes with peas, broccoli and spinach. And if I happen to sneak one bite in, watch out - she purses her lips so hard that nothing's getting in her mouth for a while. 

But the green ones are SO good for her! I've tried reasoning with her, but no such luck. So I've started mixing fruits with veggies and for the most part it works pretty well... some combinations work better than others. 

Yesterday it was bananas and pears (yum!) with eggplant and spinach... 

Yuck right? Actually, it was pretty good. Bananas do such a nice job of masking other flavors and pears add just a bit of tart. Anyhow, thanks to my Little Green Pouch this was the results: 


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