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Fuel your outdoor and fitness adventures with Little Green Pouch. If you're active and on-the-go, we've got the portable solution you need to stay fueled for whatever is around the next corner. 

SHOP NOW: 3.4 ounce reusable food pouch | 7 ounce reusable food pouch | 14 ounce reusable food and hydration pouch 

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Bikers, Runners & Triathletes: Skip the engineered gels that leave you with a stomach ache, and bring your own, homemade fuel on your next ride or run. 

Commuters: Gone are the days of relying on what you can find at the gas station or coffee shop for breakfast. With a little preparation, you can enjoy a healthy, satisfying, homemade breakfast every morning of the week. Our 14-ounce pouches are cupholder -friendly, too. 

Hikers & Backpackers: When every ounce and calorie counts, make the most of your gear by packing calorie-dense foods like peanut butter, oatmeal, and soups in the ultra-lightweight Little Green Pouches. Bonus—no waste to pack out.  

Travel: From road trips to plane travel, never find yourself having to settle for unhealthy, expensive food on the road again. Our 3.4 ounce pouches are FAA-compliant, so you can bring them filled with your favorite snacks. The larger sizes, just pack empty to enjoy throughout your vacation or business trip.