"Killed it in like 90 seconds. Sure beats the ol' 'no please stay in your chair, 
please take a bite, please don't throw it at the wall' game."  
- Renica P., Oakland, CA 

"Last night I made my first batch of baby food.
One apple, one banana, some Greek yogurt and cinnamon.
And one cute baby! He loved it! Thanks for your product!


"We use our pouches everyday!!! Lucy loves them!
Thanks for your excellent customer service!"

- Nicole N., Allston, MA
"Ever since Mia turned one, it is difficult to get her to 
eat anything she can not feed to herself.  This eliminates 
everything I used to blend myself. Mia has a food allergy, 
so we like to know exactly what she is eating. I was SO 
excited when we  tried Little Green Pouch. Mia loves 
it, too. Now, having her  yogurt or homemade smoothies 
in the morning is our routine. We love them!" 
- Lee C., Sacramento, CA

"After a few weeks without her pouches
Lily cheered when she saw it again!!
Thank you so much!!!
- Carissa 


"Little Lyla (14 months old) getting her morning
"pick me up" with her Little Green Pouch.
She loves yogurt and smoothies, and I can't
say thank you enough for making these!!"
- Lisa G., Sandy, UT

 "We are a family on the go, with three kids under the age of 4. Making sure our kids get fruits and vegetables is really important to us but can be inconvenient at times with our busy schedules. We've tried all of the reusable pouches out there and the Little Green Pouch is hands down the best one on the market. It's the easiest to clean and the easiest to fill and the seal NEVER leaks! Best of all our kids LOVE eating the fruits and vegetables we fill up their pouches with! Thanks for making it easy for families on the go to give our kids a healthy snack!" Mike & Bethany Patterson, Richmond, VA