The Story

With Maggie’s first son, Kelley, trips to the grocery store were definitely on her “dread” list. When she had her second son, Finnegan, aka the Finn-A-Monster, it moved to the top of that list. But then Maggie’s grocery store began stocking those food pouches you've probably seen.

On one particular visit, after substantial clamoring, Maggie caved and popped the tops of two pouches. A miracle ensued - she watched in amazement as her boys sat quietly in the cart, working out ounces of healthy fruits and veggies, which they wouldn’t dare eat out of a bowl. Never missing an opportunity, she sped through the remaining grocery store aisles in relative peace. By the time the shriveled pouches moved along the conveyor belt to checkout (yes, she paid for them) Maggie realized that she had all of the items on her shopping list, and when was the last time she had done that? Someone’s new product had just made her life easier, and she was in love.

But Maggie’s romance with food pouches was short lived. Yes, she loved the fact that her kids could feed themselves, that they would actually be clean after doing so and that she didn’t have to lug around spoons, bibs, bowls, napkins and breakable jars. But she found that the pouches were expensive and offered a limited variety of foods. And she cringed each time she had to throw the single-use packages in the trash. That is when she realized the world needed a “reusable” food pouch that could be filled with the foods her kids like (or she wants them to like), which would help her save money, as well as the planet. Not a bad idea, right?

But an idea is just an idea until you make it happen, so Maggie reached out to her close friend (designer and recent new mom of baby Bailey) Melissa to help. Maggie and Melissa realized that they wanted a product that wasn’t just practical, but that was also, well, beautiful. Something they'd be proud to whip out at the playground, park or store. Even something they'd eat out of themselves. After several planning sessions, Maggie and Melissa realized that they had the perfect team to make this a reality. And the Little Green Pouch was born.

The Little Green Pouch has made Maggie and Melissa’s lives easier, and they think it can do the same for you. Perhaps it will even allow you to buy all of the fruits and veggies on your list during your next shopping trip. (And puree them of course.)

The New Generation: Carol and Patrick Lee

We have two little girls – 5 and 7 years old.  As a first-time mom, I bought baby food from the stores and saw that I was creating a lot of waste from glass, plastic, and disposable containers. Then, about 5 years ago, I started making my own baby food. I loved it! Being creative with my own recipes was fun and my daughter loved it! She was a little "green" monster.

She loves everything green, vegetables included, and enjoys my homemade food. It was easier than buying pre-made ones in the store and not being able to recognize some chemicals or additives in my children's food.

After awhile, our girls grew up and didn't like to be spoon-fed, and I didn't want to carry plastic containers with us everywhere we went. However, they did like to bring the squeezable disposable fruit and veggie pouches to school—but we hit the same snag. It wasn't my food—I didn't know what was in their food and didn't want to keep wasting materials with disposable pouches. 

I started my research on other alternatives to take my homemade food on the go. A few years later, I found that Maggie and Melissa (co-founders of Little Green Pouch) were putting their business up for sale.  I was really touched by their story and admired that they really put their ideas together to make it happen.

I truly believe that Little Green Pouch is not just a business for us. It helps frustrated parents when their kids have difficulties accepting spoons, and helps kids get the nutrition they need.


Vision for the Future

We found that reusable food pouches could be used at any age and decided to create a lifecycle product – expanding on Melissa and Maggie’s original vision and blending our own experiences and solutions into the product mix.

The LGP products have helped not only babies to get the nutrients they need when weaning off of milk and towards table food, but also assists kids with special in feeding. We are also partnering with senior centers and in-home living facilities to ensure senior citizens with difficulty bringing a utensil to their mouth, does not need to be monitored as closely during meal times because the pouch is easier to hold.

Currently, I enjoy making smoothies and shakes before work or after a workout, and find that the Little Green Pouch is the best size for all cup holders I’ve come across and when done, it’s flat and fits into my bag.  

Our vision, generally speaking, is to stay with your family in times of need with a product that will never fail you. Understanding the needs of busy families comes from experience, and we’ll make sure to continue providing quality products that suit your entire family’s needs.

Materials matter

Read our story about BPA and fertility to learn why choosing the right materials was so important to us when we developed the Little Green Pouch.