10 homemade baby food recipes you can make in less than 10 minutes

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Homemade baby food doesn't have to be complicated or require a lot of time or fancy equipment. A couple regular pots and pans and a blender or food processor is all you really need. 10 minutes is really all you need to make healthy recipes for your little one. Invest a little bit of time each week, fill your Little Green Pouches, and you'll have a fridge and freezer stocked with yummy, healthy baby food ready to enjoy at home or on-the-go. 

homemade baby food recipes

10 homemade baby food recipes that take less than 10 minutes

  1. Asparagus Chicken Soup
  2. Pumpkin Applesauce
  3. Bean Feast for Baby
  4. Baby Gazpacho
  5. Spiced Carrots and Raisins 
  6. Curried Edamame 
  7. Banana Peanut Butter Green Smoothie
  8. Healthy Chocolate Pudding
  9. Avocado Pear Smoothie

Use our 3.4 oz. or 7oz. reusable food pouches for filling, storing and eating these great recipes. 

Happy cooking! Want more Real Food recipes? Check out our favorites

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How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

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Did you know almond milk is super easy to make?  While there is nothing wrong with store-bought almond milk, we want to share how simple real food truly is. Plus, when you try homemade almond milk, you may never buy it from the store again—it is so yummy. You can use this recipe in any of our recipes that call for almond milk.  

Homemade Almond Milk

Recipe adapted from TheKitchn

2 cups organic raw almonds
4 cups water

Vanilla, honey, agave syrup for flavoring and sweeteners


  • Cover almonds with 1 inch of water, cover and soak for 12-24 hours (or up to two days). 
  • Rinse and drain almonds 
  • Add almonds and water to blender or VitaMix
  • Blend on high for 2 minutes after pulsing a few times to break the almonds up. The water should be white and the almonds should have the consistency of a fine meal.
  • Line a strainer with cheesecloth or a nut bag, place strainer over a large bowl and strain the almond mixture.
  • Squeeze the cheesecloth or nut bag to ensure all milk is strained from almond mixture. There are a ton of recipes available for using the leftover almond meal.
  • If desired, sweeten to taste. However, we prefer the stuff straight.  
  • Refrigerate in a sealed container in the fridge for up to two days

Makes about 4 cups almond milk.

almond milk

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Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen — Your Guide to Buying Produce

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The Environmental Working Group released an updated guide to pesticides in produce. This guide includes the best and worst produce when it comes to pesticides.

We use these lists to decide what to buy organic, and what we can buy conventional in order to save money. Without further ado, here is the list. You can download it here, too.

diry dozen

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10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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Looking to add some out of the box items to your baby registry? Or maybe you want to give a gift to your favorite mom-to-be that you know she will love but maybe didn't think of? These are our favorite unique baby shower gift ideas.

unique baby shower gifts

1. Frida Baby Bitty Bundle: You guys. Everything from FridaBaby has been a lifesaver. I recommend the Windi and NoseFrida to every mom I know. And give a pack of Windis to everyone for their shower. It is the only thing that truly worked in those early months when baby was extra gassy.  This may not seem like an "exciting" gift, but I promise mom will thank you every time it saves her sanity and means she gets a little extra sleep. This kit is packaged cute and includes the NoseFrida, Windi, NailFrida and Fridet the MomWasher (a hospital bag must-have!). 

2. First Foods Starter Kit: I started thinking about homemade baby food before my son was even born. I would have loved to be prepared with everything I needed to get started. 

3. Honest Company Healing Balm: We use this for everything from chapped lips to diaper rash. 

4. Oribel Portaplay: Most expectant moms register for things they will need in the first few months. But what about after baby is 6 months old? I always recommend that moms remember to register for a handful of products they will need later in baby's first year. We love this activity center because it truly grows with baby and can be used in many different ways.

5. Meal Delivery Subscription: This is a great gift that new parents will appreciate in the early weeks when they barely have time to shower, let alone decide what's for dinner and go to the grocery store. This is especially nice if you live far away from the parents and can't bring a meal over in person. 

6. Cate and Levi Stuffed Animal: These stuffed animals are one of a kind, handcrafted from Premium Reclaimed Wool. 

7. Luxurious Robe & PJ Set: Think about mom, not just baby. Mom will love having a cute, comfortable new "outfit" to wear after baby's arrival. 

8. Cleaning Service or a Roomba: This would be a great group gift. Give mom the gift of a clean house by purchasing a gift certificate for a local cleaning service. She will appreciate having one less thing on her mind and having a clean house. Or, give her a Roomba - the gift that keeps on giving (and cleaning).

9. Photo Printing Gift Card: Make it easy when it's time to print some of those adorable baby photos. 

10. Monkey Mat: So versatile. Perfect for the park, beach, airport, or even at home. Another one parents will appreciate down the road. 

Eco-Friendly Resolutions to Make in 2017

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 Go green in 2017

Want to make an effort to be more eco-friendly in 2017? Me, too! But where do you start? What is realistic for you and your family? Here are some ideas. 

Going green doesn't have to be all or nothing, and it doesn't have to mean completely changing your lifestyle. Every little bit helps, and we want to help you get started with 6 resolutions you can make in 2017 that will make an impact. 

1. Buy No New Clothes: I have already been doing this for the past few months, and I love it so much, that I have decided I am going to buy no new clothes in 2017. That doesn't mean I cannot buy clothes, but I will either buy them from thredUP, the thrift store, or buy and borrow from friends. If you don't know about thredUP, you have to check it out. I am obsessed.  thredUP is the best resource for high quality secondhand clothing, shoes and handbags for women and kids. It allows me to purchase high quality, like-new clothes at an affordable price. 
2. Go Paperless—Eliminate Paper Towels: Paper towel. We buy them in bulk at Costco, and use them for everything from cleaning the house to napkins at meal time. But if you stop to think about the waste, does it make you cringe? If so, you may want to consider going paper towel free in 2017. Emily from Daily Garnish has a great system that she uses with two young boys that feels realistic. Check it out here. 
3. BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag: Ditch the plastic bags, and bring your own. Think beyond the grocery store, and bring reusable bags everywhere you go - the pharmacy, take out restaurants, retail stores, and more.
4. Replace Your Lightbulbs: Replace your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lights. It may sound like a pain, but CFLs last longer than traditional bulbs, you'll be saving time for years down the road while cutting your energy use by as much as 80 percent. If you don't want to tackle it all at once, stock up on CFLs, and whenever a bulb needs to be replaced, swap it with a CFL. Easy, peasy! 
5. Unplug: Use power strips to turn off all your appliances at once; put your television, DVD player, game system, and stereo on a timer so they automatically shut off overnight; and invest in chargers that stop drawing current when the device's battery is full. You could cut your energy bill by as much as 10 percent annually — without lifting a finger. 
6. Fundraise the Green Way:  Little Green Pouch wants to help and support your school’s fundraising efforts while also promoting and instilling the concept of recycling to the future generation. We welcome all other groups and organizations that have fundraising needs. Contact us to learn more


What are your New Years Resolutions? 

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