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Posted on January 04, 2014 by Amanda Holliday | 1 Comment

As we get ready to take the 10 Day Real Food Pledge, 7 month old Parker didn't want the big kids and grown ups to have all the fun. So we present to you, Parker's Pouch. This is Parker's weekly meal plan as prepared by mom, Melissa. You can download Parker's Meal Plan and then use our blank Meal Planner template to create your own. 

Since food at this stage is pretty simple, Melissa will be mixing homemade grain cereals with pureed fruits and vegetables. On the weekend when there is a little more time, Parker and mom will get a little more adventurous in the kitchen and make some of our Real Food recipes.

To save time during the week, Melissa is spending some prep time this weekend to puree all of the fruits and veggies listed in the meal plan to store in the freezer in 1oz cubes (these are our favorite trays). Another way Melissa is helping Parker stick to her Real Food pledge is by making all of the cereals (rice, oatmeal & barley) in the Vitamix. All you have to do is blend the whole grains until they form a powder. Then we store them in empty, dry Little Green Pouches to easily grab and mix with water or breast milk for each meal. 

Stay tuned this week for lots of pictures and update of how our 10 Day Pledge is going. And be sure to LIKE us on Facebook to follow along and to win fun prizes throughout the 10 days.  

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