Announcing Our New Arrival: Really Little Green Pouches!

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At 3.4 Ounces, It’s Baby And Travel Friendly

As we know full well over here at Little Green Pouch, mothers (like Melissa and I) are the mothers of invention. So when Melissa’s baby girl Parker was ready for some Real Food purees, and our 7 oz. Little Green Pouch proved a bit too big for her tiny servings, we knew it was time for Little Green Pouch to get even littler. And so was born the Really Little Green Pouch (yes, it took us a really long time to come up with that name).

Baby girl Parker enjoys a no-mess pureed snack from a Really Little Green Pouch fitted with a reusable dispensing spoon

Holding approximately 3.4 ounces, our Really Little Green Pouches are great not only for early eaters, but also for travel. Whether it's on a plane trip to see Grandma (our thoughts are with you), a road trip to the beach or a jaunt to the grocery store, we all know that well-fed kids are happier (and quieter!)  

For Real Food on-the-go,
Really Little Green Pouches…
Really Little Green Pouches, at just 3.4 ounces, are FAA / TSA compliant
  • Are TSA compliant for plane travel

  • Fit easily in a quart-sized ziplock

  • Pack flat when empty, taking up less space in your cooler or carry-on

  • Come in a 6-pack, for a full day of mini-meals for baby (so cute)

  • Are freezer safe, so you can prepare ahead (and even use frozen pouches as ice packs)

  • Make it WAY LESS MESSY to feed babies and toddlers

To boot, Really Little Green Pouches makes great sense (health sense, eco-sense and money cents) for our families, our communities and our planet.

Health sense – materials matter

We were super careful in choosing the right plastics for our reusable, squeezeable Little Green Pouches, because our kids eat out them every single day. And we want the same thing for your kids that we want for ours (you know, the best!). That means using non-toxic materials without hormone disruptors. We don't want them in our foods (or our landfills or waterways). That is why Really Little Green Pouches have no BPA, no lead, no phthalates and no PVC. (For more on why we think it’s important to avoid BPA, check out Melissa’s BPA Story.)

Eco sense – reusable matters

If you keep em' clean, you can get 50+ uses out of each Little Green Pouch. That means you keep 49 single-use food pouches out of the landfill. For a 6-pack of pouches, that's 294 pouches saved—not to mention a heck of a lot of money.

Also, it's never too early to start teaching your kids to reduce, reuse, recycle, and that making Little Green Choices can make a big difference. Show your little ones how easy it can be with our Really Little Green Pouches: wash them out, refill them with healthy Real Food and use them again. Easy peasy.

Money cents – reusable matters

You’ve probably caught the gist here already. Doing the right thing for planet—reusing your food pouches and sending less plastic into the landfill—ALSO saves you money.

So get on the Really Little Green Pouch Train, gang!



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