Win 3 Free 4-Packs (And Be Featured On Our Website For Years To Come)!

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Melissa Winn | 1 Comment

We are throwing our first online contest!!

We are working on a page of frequently asked questions. One that often comes up is, how do I best open the pouch the very first time? We found that if you (1) screw off the cap while the pouch is still sealed and (2) blow through the nozzle, the pouch takes its perfect, supple shape quite easily. 

We think a video would work best for explaining what we mean. The two of us have rho-sham-boed repeatedly, but somehow no one ever comes away being responsible for this video. 

So we thought we'd reach out to you to see if you might be the one for the job. If we select your video, you'll be rewarded with 3 4-packs of Little Green Pouches AND that fame and fortune that can only be reached by means of the world wide web.

To enter the contest simply post your best video demonstration to our facebook page by November 11 (our 1 month anniversary!!).

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sherry sumner
sherry sumner

October 26, 2012

i think this is the greatest idea ever!!! my daughter has three little boys three and under and this is great she can make healthy foods for them…put that in pouches and go….and the older little guys thinks he getting treats…….thank you!!!! i am impressed!!!!

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