Midnight Snack

Posted on June 19, 2012 by Maggie Crawford | 3 Comments


Every night, right before bed, my oldest son Kelley informs me that he is hungry. To date, I still haven't determined whether he is actually hungry, or whether he is just stalling, although I'm leaning towards the latter. In any event, because I don't want to risk sending my child to bed hungry (mostly because he might wake up earlier for breakfast), I prepare him a midnight snack. We did buttered toast for a while. But he likes to eat his "fourth meal" in my bed while we read stories, and I ended up with crumbs in my sheets, which doesn't make for a good night sleep. Sliced fruit was problematic for "sticky" reasons. And anything that involved utensils was a pure disaster. That's when I decided to whip out my reusable food pouch. No crumbs, no stickiness, no utensils, no mess.  Here's Kelley enjoying a healthy late night yogurt snack out of a Little Green Pouch, jammies and all. 

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