Paleo Recipes for Reusable Food Pouches

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Let’s get this Paleo started!

As you know, we’re building on our 100 Days of Real Food with a new Little Green Pouch series on Paleo recipes and resources.

First off, we’re excited to have launched our Paleo Food Pouch Recipes hub here on the Little Green Pouch website, and we’ve also tagged and badged all of our Paleo Food Pouch Recipes. So when you see this badge, you know it’s Paleo:


In addition to our Pinterest board of Paleo Recipes We Love, we’ve started a special board for Paleo Recipes for Reusable Food Pouches. We’ll be adding to both in the coming weeks. Follow these boards to get the latest updates as we build our Paleo recipe collection.

Our first new Paleo recipe for reusable food pouches

Make it Paleo, put it in The Pouch. Classically trained chef Charlotte March created this delicious Turkey and Spring Vegetable Purée for us to share with you, and in the video she offers some great ideas for changing up the flavor with seasonal vegetables.

PALEO FAQ: Isn’t Paleo just meat, meat, meat with a side of bacon?

Nope. Not at all. Pile on the veggies. And don’t forget the fruit! One of the not-so-secrets of Paleo’s success in turning people’s health around is the abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients (translation: “special plant things”) in all the healthful fruits and vegetables included on the diet.

COMING UP: The Art of Grocery Shopping with Kids

Do you know how Little Green Pouch got started? Lightening struck Maggie in the grocery store (figuratively of course) and inspired the invention of reusable food pouches to make grocery trips easier for parents across the land.

In the same spirit, next week we’re featuring an article by Emily Peterson, Certified Health Coach and mom to Fiona, on ways to make a trip the grocery store a--dare we say--fun opportunity to share Real Food living with your kids.

Don’t forget the kale!

Maggie & Melissa


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