A Few of Our Favorite Things—Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on December 08, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 1 Comment

With the holidays fast-approaching, we know firsthand how hard it can be to choose the right gift for your little ones. For the second year, we put together a list of our tried and true favorite things for our Holiday Gift Guide. Below you will find links to all the products we are loving right now for different age groups from 0-6 years. And we had to include some of our favorite gifts for mom, too. We love the convenience of online shopping, but don't forget to show your local stores love, too. We hope you get some great ideas for new products and gifts to try this holiday season. 


a. Cozy Coupe b. Chewbeads Mulberry Teether c. Customized Wooden Blocks d. Apple Park Finger Puppets e. Eco Kids Eco Playdough f. Peet the Cat Loves My White Shoes g. Strider Bike h. Handy Doctor Set i. Magnatiles  j. Plan Toys Musical Band Drum Set k. Marble Run l. Hape Checkout Register m. A to Z Lowercase Magnatab n. Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker  o. Personalized Necklace with kids' initials p. Stitch Fix gift card q. Bodum Kenya French Press Coffee Maker and Travel French Press 

Do you have any favorite gifts to share? We'd love to hear!
Happy Hollidays!
Maggie & Melissa 

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What We Learned at The ABC Kids Expo

Posted on October 28, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago our team exhibited at The ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas. If you are not familiar with The ABC Show, it is one of the largest tradeshows for the baby industry.

None of us had ever done anything like this, so it was quite an adventure and a huge learning experience. We thought we would document what we learned (both the practical and humorous) so we can remember the experience for years to come. Here are our tradeshow tips for rookies:
  • Pay extra for the carpet padding. It is worth every penny. Without it, you will be stuck standing on a thin layer of carpet on top of concrete floors. Note: your feet will still hurt no matter what.   
  • No matter how careful or confident you are, don't drink red wine if you are wearing all white—you WILL eventually spill on yourself. 

  • Location, location, location. Booth location really does matter. Now that we know the layout and flow of the show, we will pick a booth space with higher traffic next year to make sure we have as many booth visitors as possible.
  • We learned what a "line sheet" is and that buyers like paper order forms. But our high-tech iPad set up sure looked cool. :) 
  • Get creative to get buyers' attention. Just saying, "Hi," doesn't work. One trick we discovered was to read the names on buyers' badges from a distance. As they approached we would address them by name. Every single person would do a double-take and you could see the "Do I know her?" look on their faces. Even if they didn't buy our product, it made them laugh and remember us. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. A no brainer, but even if you think a pair of shoes are comfortable for everyday occasions, they may not be for 4 straight days on your feet.   
  • If you provide candy in your booth, be prepared to eat it all yourself. Let's just say the four of us never want to eat another green, white or teal M&M again. 
  • Bring extra hands. We were so lucky to have Kerry from eepples join us and he was such a huge help. Between having to construct our entire booth to trips back to the hotel for forgotten items and runs to Kinko's, Kerry was a lifesaver.
  • Assembling a mountain of IKEA furniture in one day will lead to serious carpel tunnel.

  • The staff at the Courtyard Marriott at the Convention Center are amazing. They were so sweet, helpful and accommodating to our crazy group that included 4 adults, an infant, and a sick toddler. 
  • Industrial trash cans make great dollies in a pinch.
  • Do not try to sell your booth furniture on Craigslist after the show. Otherwise you will have to do this:

  • And will look like this after it's all said and done:

  • Leave town Friday night right after the show. Apparently no one leaves Vegas on Friday nights:

  • Our team is AWESOME!


Until next year, ABC!

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A New Accessory to Make Pouch Feeding Even Easier

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 1 Comment

Did you think feeding from Little Green Pouch couldn't get any easier? So did we until we met the folks at PouchPop. We are so excited to team up with PouchPop to bring you yet another way to enjoy your Little Green Pouch and make the transition from bottle to self-feeding easy and intuitive for your little ones. Our kids LOVE using PouchPop and other parents are singing the PouchPops's praises on Amazon, too. 

"Love this product! My daughter was having trouble eating the pouch foods because she couldn't figure out what to do with it and would squeeze the food out and make a mess. When I put the PouchPop on she immediately knew to suck the food out as if it were a bottle. Now she is a pro and with the help of PouchPop she can enjoy the pouched foods. Great product!" - Kasia
"I have not seen any other product for pouches to be more advanced and helpful in the journey to help your little one become an independent eater. I have given these PouchPop toppers to parents and parents-to-be which is the highest recommendation I could ever give." - Trent W. 
"Great idea, easy to use and dishwasher safe. I like the PouchPop so much that I am giving these as baby shower gifts to all my pregnant friends!"

So, what is PouchPop? PouchPop was meticulously designed by a father of 3, to be a hospital-grade silicone barrier between the hard plastic pouch spout and your baby's (possibly teething!) mouth and gums. The silicone PouchPop extends the length of the spout by more than 1", acting almost like a mini straw that babies love to chew and suck from.  Engineered with the highest quality materials and input from from pediatricians, this little product is a lot smarter than it looks! Get yours here.

  • Available in an assorted color 4-pk
  • Pediatrician Recommended & CPSC compliant
  • Naturally BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Premium and soothing Hospital-Grade Silicone
  • Promotes infant self-feeding and natural transition from bottle-feeding

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Little Green Pouch Hits Maggie & Melissa's Home Town (And Maybe Yours Too)!

Posted on April 08, 2013 by Maggie Crawford | 2 Comments

One thing you may not know about Maggie and Melissa is that they are both originally from Woodland, California, a small town located about 15 miles northwest of Sacramento. Although not big on the map, Woodland is home to one of Forbes Magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For—Nugget Market. Nugget Market ranked #34 on the Forbes' list in 2012, and has previously ranked as high as #8! Forbes notes Nugget's excellent employee wages, and the fact that employees look forward to coming to work at a place that feels like a close knit family. Who can't get behind that? And when you add in the fact that this family-owned business (est. 1926) remains committed to the guiding principles of its founders - high quality products and low prices - you can understand why Nugget is the kind of company that makes Maggie and Melissa proud to call Woodland their home town.

Maggie and Melissa knew from the very beginning that Little Green Pouch would be a perfect fit for Nugget. So you can imagine their excitement when Nugget agreed! Earlier this month the first pouches made their way to the shelves of the nine Nugget Markets around northern California. You can find Little Green Pouch on the shelves of Nugget Markets in Woodland, Davis, Sacramento, West Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, and Vacaville. For address and contact information, click here or visit our find a store near you page

If you live in the area, we hope you will stop in to Nugget to pick up some pouches and to support this wonderful company. Growing up, Maggie and Melissa never would have imagined that a product they invented would be found on Nugget's shelves. It has truly come full-circle, and they couldn't be more thrilled. 

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