Our 100 Days of Real Food Give-away

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 2 Comments


*UPDATE: While this giveaway has ended and the winner selected, our Real Food journey will continue through March 2014. We hope you will join in with us. We are sharing a ton of Real Food recipes, hosting giveaway and taking the 10 Day Pledge. 

At Little Green Pouch, we’re committed to helping families embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. And although we hate to use the “D Word,” we all know diet is a big part of a healthy life. Believe it or not, experts find that a diet low in, or free of, ingredients found in processed foods (like, say, ammonia (we’re serious!), BPA (more on that later) and sand (really?!)) can significantly improve your health and extend your life.

A longer, healthier and ammonia-free life sounds great, right? (Personally, I prefer to enjoy sand at the beach, and not in my soup or coffee creamer.) But where does one start? Well, there’s no better place than 100 Days Of Real Food, a great website with a healthy (pun intended) amount of information for cutting processed food out of your life, and doing so successfully. There you’ll find a handy list of rules (defining “real food,” in case you’re still wondering), research as to why you should cut out processed food, and Real Food Tips to help you get it done.

100 Days of Real Food got the Little Green Pouch team motivated, and we’ve decided we’re up for the Real Food challenge. For 100 Days, we will be living, breathing and of course eating Real Foods.

Starting things off with a bang: our 100 Days Of Real Food Give-Away, where we’re giving away a Vitamix, to puree all our awesome Real Food Recipes, and our Large Starter Kit, to prep Real Food and take it to go.

100 days of real food giveaway

We’ll also be sharing dozens of new Real Food Recipes, from our test kitchen and those of other chefs and nutritionists. We’ll add to that guest posts from Real Foodies.

And finally, we’re promoting and supporting a 10-Day Real Food Pledge in the Little Green Pouch community, kicking off on January 6. Are you up for it? Join us. Come on, it’s only 10 days!

We look forward to getting healthy with you, and your families. Now let’s get cooking!

-Maggie & Melissa

P.S. Here are a few Little Green Pouch “Real Food” recipes to get you started:

Roasted Apple and Parsnip Puree

Baked Quinoa e Fagioli with Veggies

Homemade Yogurt (in a Crockpot!)

Spiced Up Yams and Broccoli

Carrot and Nectarine Smoothie

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    We Want to Hear Your Little Green Pouch Success Stories

    Posted on November 11, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 3 Comments

    Do you ever find yourself wondering, "What did I do before Little Green Pouch?"? If so, we want to hear about it.
    It may be as simple as a meltdown (or several) averted at the grocery story. Or it could be as life-changing as providing a way for your child with special needs to self-feed and gain independence. 

    Whatever your LGP story is, we want to hear it. We would love for you to send us stories, photos, videos, you name it. Whether it is funny, cringe-worthy or heart warming, email them to us and we will feature them on our Facebook page and right here on the blog. We can't wait to hear how Little Green Pouch has touched your lives. 

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    What We Learned at The ABC Kids Expo

    Posted on October 28, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 2 Comments

    A couple weeks ago our team exhibited at The ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas. If you are not familiar with The ABC Show, it is one of the largest tradeshows for the baby industry.

    None of us had ever done anything like this, so it was quite an adventure and a huge learning experience. We thought we would document what we learned (both the practical and humorous) so we can remember the experience for years to come. Here are our tradeshow tips for rookies:
    • Pay extra for the carpet padding. It is worth every penny. Without it, you will be stuck standing on a thin layer of carpet on top of concrete floors. Note: your feet will still hurt no matter what.   
    • No matter how careful or confident you are, don't drink red wine if you are wearing all white—you WILL eventually spill on yourself. 

    • Location, location, location. Booth location really does matter. Now that we know the layout and flow of the show, we will pick a booth space with higher traffic next year to make sure we have as many booth visitors as possible.
    • We learned what a "line sheet" is and that buyers like paper order forms. But our high-tech iPad set up sure looked cool. :) 
    • Get creative to get buyers' attention. Just saying, "Hi," doesn't work. One trick we discovered was to read the names on buyers' badges from a distance. As they approached we would address them by name. Every single person would do a double-take and you could see the "Do I know her?" look on their faces. Even if they didn't buy our product, it made them laugh and remember us. 
    • Wear comfortable shoes. A no brainer, but even if you think a pair of shoes are comfortable for everyday occasions, they may not be for 4 straight days on your feet.   
    • If you provide candy in your booth, be prepared to eat it all yourself. Let's just say the four of us never want to eat another green, white or teal M&M again. 
    • Bring extra hands. We were so lucky to have Kerry from eepples join us and he was such a huge help. Between having to construct our entire booth to trips back to the hotel for forgotten items and runs to Kinko's, Kerry was a lifesaver.
    • Assembling a mountain of IKEA furniture in one day will lead to serious carpel tunnel.

    • The staff at the Courtyard Marriott at the Convention Center are amazing. They were so sweet, helpful and accommodating to our crazy group that included 4 adults, an infant, and a sick toddler. 
    • Industrial trash cans make great dollies in a pinch.
    • Do not try to sell your booth furniture on Craigslist after the show. Otherwise you will have to do this:

    • And will look like this after it's all said and done:

    • Leave town Friday night right after the show. Apparently no one leaves Vegas on Friday nights:

    • Our team is AWESOME!


    Until next year, ABC!

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    Happy Birthday to Little Green Pouch and Bailey Gray

    Posted on October 11, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 0 Comments

    Looking back a year ago, we were feeling every emotion you could imagine—excited, scared, hopeful and proud. Today we remain proud of the product we have created and the company we have become. Of course, without our customers, Little Green Pouch would not have made it past the first month, so we want to celebrate with YOU! We are throwing a surprise party on our site. Click below to reveal the surprise party sale!

    And speaking of proud, Melissa's first born, Bailey, is also celebrating a milestone—her 2nd birthday! Bailey has been along for the Little Green Pouch roller coaster ride since day one (literally). She never ceases to entertain, challenge and inspire us! Plus, she's pretty damn cute! Happy birthday, Bailey Gray!  

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    Baby Food: Fresh versus Shelf-Stable

    Posted on June 17, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 87 Comments

    As the owners of a fresh baby food business and a reusable food pouch company, we have the pleasure of meeting with many parents and discussing healthy foods for babies and young children. “How is fresh (or homemade) baby food different than the organic baby food in jars or pouches” is a question we get asked a lot. It’s a good question and we always enjoy the opportunity to discuss the difference. We believe knowledge is a very powerful tool and our goal is to share what we know and then let parents decide what makes the most sense for their family given their individual circumstances and nutritional beliefs.

    Before we begin, let us first define “shelf stable”. Shelf stable is a term we use to describe foods that have been prepared or processed in such a way that allows for long-term storage without the need for refrigeration. The processing of pouched or jarred baby food involves the use of extremely high temperatures in an effort to kill bacteria and other harmful pathogens. The food is then sealed to create an oxygen free environment that makes it impossible for bacteria to grow (with the exception of Clostridium botulinum, a bacterial strain with the ability to cultivate without the presence of oxygen). These extreme temperatures are believed to have a negative impact on the concentration of certain heat sensitive vitamins and minerals.

    Fresh on the other hand refers to foods that are either uncooked or cooked using conventional methods. Freshly prepared foods, such as baby food, must be stored cold and consumed within a shorter time frame. 

    When purchasing from local fresh baby food companies or making homemade baby food, you have the ability to take advantage of local produce. Using local ingredients affects the nutritional content of fruits and veggies, which naturally decreases between the time they are harvested and the time they are consumed. Since local produce does not have to be transported as far, it can also be picked closer to peak ripeness when nutrients are most dense. In most cases it is not clear where mass-produced organic baby food companies source their ingredients. We don’t know how long the fruits and vegetables have been stored or how far they have travelled. Many certified organic fruits and vegetables grown outside of the U.S. are actually sprayed with pesticides post-harvest before they enter the United States. However, this does not change their organic certification. Further, foreign countries are still using chemicals that are currently banned in the United States.

    Supporting local farmers is better for our environment and local economy. Many local farmers have strong connections to their land and minimize their impact on the environment by using sustainable practices, such as no-till agriculture and composting. Minimal travel distances and packaging for their farm products also contribute to the well being of our environment. Food grown locally, processed locally, and distributed locally generates jobs and subsequently helps stimulate local economies. For these reasons, there are many organizations popping up today to help foster and support local food systems, such as Good Eggs and Slow Money.

    In addition to using local ingredients, some fresh baby food businesses use compostable packaging. Their foods as well as homemade baby food can also be packed in a reusable food pouch such as the Little Green Pouch. While store bought disposable pouches may be a convenient choice, the pouches are not recyclable and create a lot of waste. In addition to being an eco-friendly pouch solution, the Little Green Pouch is ideal for on-the-go freshness. 

    Finally, we can’t ignore the fact that locally made fresh purees and homemade purees contain a wider variety of flavors and textures than shelf stable pouches and jars. Fresh herbs and spices can be used to entice developing palettes and foster more adventurous eaters. It is well known that babies need fat for optimal brain development.  Therefore, fats such as butter, olive oil, coconut milk and coconut oil can also be incorporated. Meats providing protein and easily absorbed sources of iron are also great additions as well as the use of fresh vegetable stock and even bone broth instead of water for additional flavor and a nutritional boost.

    Based on the information presented, we realize you still need to find a balance that makes sense for you and your family. For some, homemade baby food may not be an option for one reason or another. For others, they may find that their baby only wants to eat out of a pouch. Well, we are happy to tell you that you have options. As mentioned several times, many fresh baby food businesses are popping up all over the country these days. There are even three right here in the Bay Area. And, if you need the convenience of a pouch, we strongly suggest you give the Little Green Pouch a try. This reusable squeeze pouch is perfect for homemade baby food, smoothies or yogurt as well as fresh purees from local baby food companies. 

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