Apple Pear Barley Cereal

Posted on April 05, 2013 by Amanda Holliday | 0 Comments

Author: Chiazor Arah of Sweet Simplicity Natural Baby Foods

When to Introduce: 4+ months (always check with your pediatrician)

1/4 cup iron fortified barley cereal (prepared with breast milk or formula)
1/4 cup puréed apple (Fuji or other variety)
1/4 cup puréed pears (Comice)

Directions: Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Servings: 1 pouch

Stars: A good source of Vitamin A , folate, and even protein, barley packs a nutritional punch! Pair with the goodness of apples and pears and you've got a well-rounded meal for your little one.

Printable Recipe Card:

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