3 Eco-Friendly Resolutions to Make This Year

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8 Kitchen Tasks For Toddlers

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It has been shown that getting kids involved in the kitchen early can lead to a lifetime of healthy eating habits. At least healthier eating habits. :) Cooking together helps develop your child’s palate, build an interest and awareness of where their food comes from, and allows opportunity to practice skills like reading and math. Plus, it's a fun bonding activity! 

But where do you start? What are appropriate and safe tasks for kids? Below are 8 tasks that little ones can help with. Of course, always supervise closely, and use your judgement as to what is right for your child.

    1. Washing fruits and vegetables: use a sturdy step stool, or learning tower and let your kids help scrub and rinse. Talk to them about where the product comes from and how it grows. You can also get into the dirty dozen/clean fifteen with older kids. 
    2. Scooping and measuring ingredients: hand over the appropriate size measuring cup, and let them scoop flour, sugar, rice, beans, oatmeal for baking or other recipes. As they get older and have better control, let them start measure teaspoons and tablespoons, too. 
    3. Cutting herbs: use craft scissors for basil, or have the kids tear the leaves off cilantro or parsley. This will take concentration and focus. 
    4. Cracking eggs: this may take some practice, but is a favorite for little ones. Have them crack eggs into a separate bowl, so you can check for shells before adding to a pan or batter. 
    5. Stirring: let the kids stir pancake or cookie batter, or mix up a salad. Use an oversized bowl to contain some of the spilled. For safety reasons, leave the stirring of hot soups and sauces to the adults. 
    6. Blending: let the kids pulse the food processor, or push the button to blend up a smoothie, and watch their little brains go crazy. Again, avoid having the kids blend hot items, and always keep a hand on the blender or food processor while they push the buttons. 
    7. Cutting fruits and vegetables: select a “knife” based on your child’s skill level (beginner – craft scissors, intermediate – plastic lettuce knife, advanced – small pairing knife, expert - 6" chef's knife. And then let them help chop fruits and vegetables. Start with softer foods that are easy for them to hold safely and cut without a lot of effort. 
    8. Cleaning up: take advantage of the fact that toddlers actually love to clean, and also teach them that cleaning up is part of the cooking process. Let them wipe down counters, sweep up flour, or help you rinse or dry dishes.

    4th Annual Gift Guide for Babies, Big Kids & Grownups

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    It's that time of year again—time for our annual Holiday Gift Guide where we share what items we are loving for the kiddos and ourselves. We've put together a few of our favorites things for babies, toddlers, big kids, moms and dads. 


    1. O-Ball: this all-time favorite of babies always makes our list. This ball will be enjoyed for months and years to come by the littlest ones on your list. 
    2. Melissa & Doug Ring Stacker: We love classic toys for baby, and it doesn't get more classic than a ring stacker. We love the colors of this one, and that it is made of wood. 
    3. Oribel Portaplay: This brilliant jumper and activity center is our newest obsession. It transitions from a bouncer/exercauser to an activity table when baby starts standing/cruising, and then to a regular toddler table. Bonus points: the legs fold up for easy storing and portability. 
    4. Textured Sensory Balls: these will get a lot of use for babies and toddlers. 
    5. Little Tikes Trampoline. Want to keep your toddler active this winter no matter how bad the weather is? This trampoline will do the trick. 
    6. Green Toys Recycling Truck: We love all of Green Toys' products, but this green recycling truck holds a special place in our eco-friendly hearts. It's gender-neutral, super cute, and all babies love trucks and cars. 
    7. Tegu Blocks: Move over Magnatiles, Tegu blocks are all the rage now. They are pricey compared to traditional blocks, but the creativity and imagination they bring out of kids is worth it. They are fun for adults, too! 
    8. Radio Flyer Cruiser: Perfect for toddlers learning to walk, this walker is more stable than others on the market. And when your babe is cruising on his own, this makes a great toy bin. 
    9. IKEA Plush Toys: IKEA's new line of plush toys are designed using kids' illustrations. Check them out to see the actual drawing used to create the toys. We love that they brought kids' imaginations to life, and to store shelves.
    10. Encourage your kids' love of cooking early with KidKraft's awesome play kitchens.  
    11. Play Tent: Who doesn't love a good fort? These play tents make great reading nooks and places for your kids to feel like they have a place that is all their own. 
    12. GOVERRE Wine Glasses:  GOVERRE is a glass, portable, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and a drink-through lid. No more plastic cups, no more spills. Brilliant idea from two fellow moms!
    13. Vitamix: Smoothies, baby food, soup, ice cream, salad dressings. You can literally make everything in a Vitamix. If you have a healthy foodie on your list, this gift will not disappoint. 
    14. Slippers: For the person who has everything, you can't go wrong with a pair of cozy slippers for the moms and dads on your list.
    15. Wine Club Membership: We love our Club W membership. Hand picked wines that match your taste preferences delivered right to your door? Sign us up! 
    16. Record Player: It is hard for parents to come up with hobbies they can do together, at home, after the kids go to sleep. A record player is a great way to unplug, listen to great music. And visiting record stores is so much more fun than iTunes and makes a great date night activity when you can get away. 
    17. The Five Minute Journal: The Five Minute Journal is a physical journal that has been carefully crafted to enable you to be happier in five minutes a day. Even parents can handle that! 

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      It's Better to Gift Than to Receive | 12 Days of Gifting

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      They say it’s better to give than to receive. We think it's best to GIFT.  Today we’re kicking off our 12 Days of Gifting campaign, where we will give away a Little Green Pouch gift card every day for the next 12 days. 

      Visit us on Facebook and Instagram each day for a chance to win. 

      Baby Brezza and Little Green Pouch Giveaway

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      We've got an exciting GIVEAWAY for you! We've teamed up with Baby Brezza, Eat.Drink.Love, and Baby Food Universe to give you the chance to win a One Step Baby Food Maker and a whole bunch of Little Green Pouch products.

      Enter below between November 6th and 13th for a chance to win. 

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